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Summerheat Damp

There is a pathology in Chinese Medicine called Summerheat Damp. This is a hot type of Dampness in our bodies which is caused by humidity and heat (external factors). We exacerbate any internal Heat/Damp we may have in our constitution with foods common in summer such as: alcohol, ice cream, salsa, and barbecued foods. This causes, in susceptible folks, a feeling of heaviness, fatigue, and mental fogginess. Summerheat Damp manifests as slow digestion, skin rashes, and swelling. Lungs can feel tight and oppressed, and people experience headaches, sinus pressure, and discomfort. If Dampness progresses and congeals further it becomes Phlegm, where we might see symptoms like depression and numbness of the limbs.

You are asking—what can I do to not feel this way? Scheduling a session with me awill help you deal with any Summerheat Damp you are experiencing. I will use acupuncture points to clear Heat/Damp from the body and address the various symptoms caused by them, recommend herbs and foods that will help you feel less hot, foggy, and sick. I will guide you with lifestyle choices so you will be less vunerable to this pathology. Acupuncture treatment will free you up to enjoy all the great things that the rest of summer holds despite the heat and humidity.

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