Maureen McLaughlin, LAc is well-versed in the use of cannabidiol ointment for pain and inflammation and she uses

CBD Clinic,  a non-prescription, therapeutic-grade ointment,  infused with cannabis oil in her Clinic. With 1⁄3 of americans in chronic pain and our nation in the throes of an opioid crisis, more and more we will see the medical use of THC's non-psychoactive partner, cannabidiol (CBD).

CDB is safe, natural, and ​legal. ​It is FDA-approved. It has nerve-protecting and brain-enhancing properties, and will leave you pain-free for hours (if you respond to it as most do).  She has developed a novel pain protocol involving the use of CBD ointment, acupuncture + heat lamp therapy.  

CBD Clinic is also available for purchase for at-home use.


Cupping therapy originates from the ancient medicines of Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures.  Maureen  prefers the traditional glass “fire cupping” method to create the vacuum seal, where the cup is briefly heated with a lit cotton ball, then it is quickly withdrawn and cup is placed on skin.

The application of cups to the surfaces of the skin (typically the back, neck, shoulders) creates suction thereby increasing blood flow to vessels and capillaries. This gives the tissues much-needed nutrients and oxygen.

Cupping also dispels stagnant blood and lymph which in turn improves the flow of energy there. The sensation of the connective tissues lifting into cup feels comfortably tight and relaxing. They stay on for anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on the response. The cups might be moved around so they can glide over surfaces (gliding cupping) or meridians.

Cupping leaves marks, that are not bruises, that fade in less than a week (by and large). 

Cupping is good for chronic or acute pain, cough and asthma, allergies, sedating nervous system, inflammation, spinal conditions, muscular disorders, detoxing, herpes zoster, and weight loss to mention a few. Rarely, there are patients who should not be cupped;  you  will screened  for these conditions.  Cupping leaves the patient feeling relaxed, in less pain and with better range of motion.  You can have cupping with Maureen in conjunction with acupuncture or as a stand-alone treatment.



Maureen is able to help you (women & men) achieve pregnancy using acupuncture & lifestyle changes as stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with Reproductive Endocrinology (RE). 


No other practitioner in Lake County, IL has her depth & breadth of experience (22 years) in infertility and the application of acupuncture and other "wellness" measures.  Since 2009, she has been providing a special acupuncture protocol on-site at Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago (Gurnee) on the day of embryo transfer, to increase the chances of the transfer "working", and at other RE Centers across Chicagoland dating back to 2002 when the first studies surfaced citing acupuncture as a useful adjunctive treatment during IVF. 


Between 1/2018 and 1/2019 the success rate for the patients who opted to have Maureen come and perform acupuncture at transfer at AFCC included the following: 

68.75% positive initial Beta hCG test

25% negative initial Beta hCG test

6.25% chemical pregnancy

These stats are consistent with those from other years (68-75% success rate for initial positive Beta hCG test). 


During pregnancy Maureen is able to help:  morning sickness, fatigue, ligament & hip pain, headaches, sinus issues, anxiety and insomnia, breech turning, hypertension, placenta previa, labor preparation and stimulation, and pain during childbirth (She can be on call to come and administer treatment).  MDs and Midwives throughout Chicagoland refer to her for these services in both Lake County, IL and Cook County, IL.   Maureen is a General Member of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA) working towards the prestigious Senior Membership. Members have advanced education, hands-on experience,  and knowledge of acupuncture as is applied to obstetrics, from conception, through birth, and postpartum.


Postpartum is a joyous time, but can also be overwhelming for the new parent (s). Acupuncture can address exhaustion, recovery from birth (esp. if a C-section), breastfeeding challenges, and help prevent postpartum depression.  Maureen is available to do house calls for overwhelmed postpartum Mothers so they can get treated without the hassle of trying to get Mom and baby dressed and out the door.  Maureen is a mother of three who used acupuncture and herbs to support all phases of her pregnancies, childbirths and postpartum times.  The mothering experience informs her work with women, men, and families and their unique paths, no matter how they create their own families and choose to parent.  Maureen is deeply empathic to women and couples who have a strong desire to become parents, which she has been told is very healing and helpful during the tumultuous journey to conceive or adopt. This empathy is felt in her treatment style.


Maureen practices Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, a facial rejuvenation system she is certified in (and a preferred provider of). Mei Zen rejuvenates, tones, and refreshes the face.   Many tiny needles are inserted into the face (or neck and abdomen, too) in a treatment course of 2x a week for 5 weeks.  After this initial treatment course, which can last up to 10 years, the patient comes for maintenance every 6-8 weeks.  Many women, particularly those in their 40s and up, have found this to be a satisfactory alternative to expensive cosmetic procedures such as botox and fillers.  However, cosmetic acupuncture can be done along with targeted botox or fillers if that is what the patient chooses.  What Mei Zen does best is give the "whole" face a lift and refresher. Many women in this age category feel it helps with hot flashing, anxiety, and dryness along with other menopause symptoms.  


If you are curious if acupuncture can help you or you need more information about what it's like, Maureen is more than happy to phone consult with you, --free of charge!   Please call 847-707-2231.



In addition to infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and cosmetic Maureen is well-versed in general acupuncture for the whole family.  Conditions she sees often in the  Clinic include: sinus problems, allergies, pain of multifactorial origin, stress/anxiety/depression/insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue,  Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She also sees neurological problems: migraines, tremors, and neuropathy. She helps people recover from surgeries like C-sections, foot, hand, and open heart.  She treats all ages:  children through the elderly, women and men with an open, non-judgmental, gentle, and caring manner with adequate time slotted for very thorough treatments.  

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